# Pods

PlexusLAB (opens new window) with PlexusPOD (opens new window) gives great flexibility and control for your turn-key machine, it can work on industrial side or be as simple as a data acquistion (DAQ) device. Our products are powerful, yet affordable; multifunction tools to equip engineers to solve challenges, and unlock insights.

# PlexusPOD C1

# Specifications

Spec Range Max value
Power Supply 12 V - 24 V Max input voltage: 25 V
Current absorption 3 A Max input current: 10 A
Work temperature - 10 °C / 70 °C -
Digital Input LOW < 1V , HIGH > 3.5 V Max input voltage: 26 V
Digital Output 0 - VCC Max load current: 0.5 A
Analog Input 0-10V o 4-20mA -
Analog Output 0-10V -

# View and dimensions

Panoramica dell'ultima versione del POD C1

# Peripherals

This Pod contains 14 Channels, 8 Type A Channels, 4 Type B Channels and 2 Type C Channels.

It is shipped with both 4-20mA and 0-10V interfaces for analog inputs.

A type channels can read bot current or voltages electric signals. To select one feature or the other, there are 8 switches on board: when a pin is ON, respected channel is able to accept current signals (4-20mA), voltages otherwise (0-10V).

# Type A channel (1 - 8)

Pin Pin Type
Pin 1 Digital Output
Pin 2 Digital Input
Pin 3 Analog Input (16 Bit)
Pin 4 Ground

# Type B channel (9 - 12)

Pin Pin Type
Pin 1 Digital Output
Pin 2 Digital Input
Pin 3 Analog Output (12 Bit)
Pin 4 Ground

# Type C channel (13 - 14)

Pin Pin Type
Pin 1 Digital Output
Pin 2 Digital Input
Pin 3 Digital Input
Pin 4 Ground

# Digital I/O

PlexusPOD allows you to control and monitor Digital I/O, to act on external devices and receive feedbacks on the inputs.

Example of digital signals are:

  • Valves open/close status;
  • Pistons open/close status;
  • Thresholds reached or not

# Analog I/O

PlexusPOD allows you to record and monitor analog inputs.

Example of analog signals are:

  • Temperature;
  • Force;
  • Pressure;
  • Moisture

More details about PlexusPODs inside Devices page.

# Connectivity

PlexusPOD C1 is provided with an Ethernet TCP/IP connection and so an IP address with it.

The standard assigned address is

It's possible to modify IP address following these steps:

  • Configure your machine to be in the same network as the POD (es.;
  • Search for the URL on your browser (no https);
  • Change the parameters you want;
  • Press on Save settings
POD C1 configuration page

# Watchdog

The Watchdog timer is initially not active.

Its purpose is to reset all PlexusPOD's digital outputs every time it has not received any interrogation for a certain time period, which can be set in the same page as before.

# Factory reset

Sometimes it could happen to set wrong or forget the IP address of your device. In these cases, reset button is your friend as it will reset all digital outputs if pressed for more than 5 seconds, setting the IP to default one (


Process resets IP and Watchdog value at the same time.

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