# Setup

In order to connect a PlexusLAB device to Plexus Cloud, it's necessary to follow these simple steps.

  1. On Cloud platform
First view of Plexus Cloud
  • Create a new project if necessary or select one already existing;
  • Create a new device inside the project if needed, select an existing one otherwise. After having clicked Create button, fill with:
    • device name (to your choice)
    • direct link (IP or URL)
Device section
  1. Export following data, from "Plexus Cloud settings" section of Plexus Cloud to PlexusLAB, inside "System"->"Settings"->"Cloud&Tunnel"->"Info" view
  • Copy the Project Key from cloud (inside Settings) and paste it into "Project Key" input field;
  • Copy the Device Key from cloud (inside Devices -> info) and paste it into "Device Key" input field;
  • Press "Save and connect"
Cloud - Devices
LAB - System
  1. After checking that connection is OK, on Cloud platform
  • Move to "Devices" and click onto info button of the newly connected device;
  • "PlexusLAB Key" should be generated
Last Updated: 2/2/2024, 4:28:31 PM