# Panels

Panel page is linked with HMI Panel as well. Its function is to manage and visualize system variables and allow operators to monitor and access the controls in a beautiful manner.


# Side panel

The configured panels are listed on the left, with their name.

The icon and the label take on color

  • blue, to identify the device currently selected and displayed in the view;
  • gray, all other cases

There is always a button to reorder the list of panels, labeled "Edit Order"; clicking it opens a popup in which you can drag the elements into the desired order and then save, or possibly cancel the changes.

# Add a page

Adding a new page is done by clicking on the button labeled "ADD PAGE", which opens a modal with the following elements

Panel creation

# Panel Top Bar

Every Panel Page have a top bar with multiple actions.

Panel TopBar
Icon Name Information
search Search Search into Devices / Sections
swap_horizontal_circle Conversions Enable conversion of measurement units whenever a conversion formula is defined
playlist_add Add Element Add Element to your card. Refer element list for list of element and functionality
add_to_photos Add Card An action that add card to your panel page
delete Delete Card If there is card selected it will turn red and ready to delete. Deleting the card will delete the element inside as well delete
save Save An action that save the panel page after you edit
info_outline Info Allow user to edit the panel page name and Restriction Access

# Card and Elements.

To add an element onto a card, simply choose one of the card by clicking on it. The card selected will turn blue, click on Add Element to choose one of the element to add inside the card.

Adding Card and Element

# Connecting Elements to Variables

The beautiful thing about panel is that it allows you to control and modify your variable without using functions. Simply Connect your variables using one of the many element list that PlexusLAB provide.

  • Visualize a variable thanks to different indicators and customize their text/colours;
  • Set an analog variable value by writing inside the proper field;
  • Change the status of a boolean (digital) variable with a button
Connecting element to variable - Example

# Conversions and Unit of measure

PlexusLAB gives the possibility to convert values between different units of measure. This feature was introduced thinking about all the cases where a system is remote controlled by operators that come from different parts of the world. Inside the "modify" window that shows up when an element is double-clicked, it's possible to define direct and reverse conversion formulas.

Conversions kg <-> lb


  • The variable to convert is just referred to with '$' inside conversion fields;
  • To enable/disable conversions, click on swap_horizontal_circle in the "Top bar";
  • When conversions are on, the icon turns green swap_horizontal_circle

# Rearranging Cards in Panels

You can rearrange elements and cards in the panel however you want, moving elements inside a card or between them.

Arrange your panel


Note: Remember to save your card after rearranging/adding elements!

# Elements List


Elements List Information Image
Title Title / Text Box for Labeling.
Sub-Title Small Title / Text Box for Labeling
Variable With Title Title, allows user to display variable data in number and switch form.
Label Label with title, allows user to display variable data in number and switch form.
2 Label Label with title, allows user to display variable data in number and switch form.
Bar-Gauge Bar Gauge with title, allows user to display variable data in number and switch form , displayed in bar manner.
Button Title with button. ON / OFF
2 Buttons 2 Title with 2 button. ON / OFF
Gauge Gauge to display variable in gauge form.
2 Gauges 2 Gauge to display variable in gauge form.
Select Allow user to write variable in a input select form
Variable Allows user to visualize the numeric value of related variable (OUTPUT)
Input Allows user to set the numeric value of related variable (INPUT)
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