# Users

PlexusLAB allows admin to create users with different permission level.

# View

On Users page, there will be a table with the following column. On the top right, inside the "Top bar", there will be a add to add user.

Name Info
Name A name for your user.
Email A email for your user, will be used to sign in
Permission A permission level. Refer to the related permission page for more details
Info Click on info_outline will show the edit user modal. Refer to the related page for more details

# Permission

There are 5 levels of Permission.

Permission Level Label Info PlexusLAB Access Edit User HMI Control
Super Admin Super Admin The default user that created when installing PlexusLAB check check check
Administrator Administrator An administrator that have full access from editing / viewing the entire PlexusLAB. Allow to add / edit / remove users. check check check
Supervisor Editor An editor that have full access from viewing the entire PlexusLAB. Has full control on HMI panel check clear check
Operator Operator An operator that have access to HMI Panel only and have full control on it. Does not have access to PlexusLAB clear clear check
View-only View Only An operator that have access to HMI Panel only, No access to controls in HMI Panel. Does not have access PlexusLAB clear clear clear

# Adding / Editing User

Clicking '+' on the top right will pop out a modal to add a New User, characterized by:

Name Info
Name A name for your user
Surname A surname name for your user
Username A email use to login to this PlexusLAB
Access Level Choose between different access level for this user
Password Security Authentication when signing in
Confirm Password Confirm Password
HMI units of measure flag Once the option is active, the user will be shown converted units of measure by default in the HMI

It's possible to change these parameters clicking onto info_outline at the right of Username, inside "Users List".

Last Updated: 2/2/2024, 4:28:31 PM